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Finding Water For A Well On Your Property

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Finding well water involves doing a number of groundwater surveys or hiring a water well driller. A groundwater survey involves using the available information and then determining what this means as far as locating groundwater is concerned. It involves collecting data and doing tests to determine the quantity and quality of groundwater. Or, a water well driller can use their expertise and specialized equipment to locate groundwater for you. They will assess the property and take many factors into consideration to help you locate the most promising location to drill a well. This article will go into detail about some of the steps and methods involved in finding the right area for well water on your property. 

Water Dowsing

Some people follow the practice of water dowsing to locate underground water sources. This is done by using dowsing rods or a pendulum while walking along the property. The dowsing rod or pendulum may react when it's held over an area where water is present. While this method has not been scientifically proven, many individuals have had success using it. It can be an easy way to locate areas to check out further. 

Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical surveys use specialized equipment to measure the subsurface's properties. This can help identify areas where there is likely to be adequate water. Electromagnetic or ground-penetrating radar surveys can map the subsurface and help locate viable water sources. 

Hydrogeological Surveys

Hydrogeological surveys focus on the characteristics of a specific area and use data collection and analysis to determine whether there is adequate water present. The process involves studying geological maps and looking at well records. Also, pumping tests are done to assess the properties and determine the right area for a well. 

Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery can provide information on surface water features. These features can indicate the presence of groundwater. Water features like rivers or lakes can be considered when looking for a proper well location because they can indicate areas where there is likely an abundance of groundwater. 

Professional Well Drilling

Professional well drilling is often chosen because a professional can locate the best spot for you and do the legwork. The well drillers will have the knowledge and specialized equipment to drill into the ground and reach the water table. They can also use some of the sources listed above when determining the best places to drill on the property. Once that spot is found, they can drill the well for you.

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29 June 2023