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Buying Steel Pipe And Materials For Your Fabrication Needs

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Using new steel pipes for projects involving custom fabrication often means finding places to purchase the material in the size and quantity necessary. Working with a steel supplier is an excellent starting point, but there are other places to look for small quantities that meet your needs. 

New Steel

New steel pipe offers some advantages when used in fabrication or construction. The material is clean, and the likelihood of rot or damage is minimal. Because the steel pipe is coming directly from a supplier, you can also order the pipe in the proper length, diameter, and wall size to ensure it is strong enough to do the job required.

When strength or rigidity is essential, selecting the pipe or tubing and purchasing it ready-to-use can make things much more manageable. The cost of new steel pipes is often higher than used material, but when purchasing it in bulk, you can buy enough to drop the price and keep some material for the next project that requires the same material. 

The steel supplier will have access to toll steel, alloys, and specialty steel tubing or pipe that can provide additional strength or characteristics you need. Although, many times that means ordering the steel in advance and waiting for it to arrive at the supplier. Some new steel pipe suppliers can deliver the material to your shop, saving you time and cost, so talk to your dealer about your options.

Used Steel

There are some situations where purchasing used steel pipe is sufficient, and often you can get different used materials from recyclers and scrap yards for far cheaper than the new material. It is critical that you identify the steel correctly if you are considering used pipe, and that can often be more challenging, but it should have markings on it if you clean the surface.

Used steel pipe in good condition can be a significant cost saving, but you may find that the scrap yard does not have the amount of pipe you need, or the pieces may not be the correct size. You can search through the inventory that they have, and find the material you can use for some parts of your build, but you may need to contact several scrap yards to get the amount of material you need. 

If you find a steel supplier that offers used steel pipe for sale, they may have a resource that allows them to collect the material in large enough amounts to meet your needs. However, the cost may be higher than if you do the leg work yourself, but that may be acceptable if you are too busy in the shop to take the time to run down materials for your projects.


15 July 2022