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Tactics To Utilize When Buying Refurbished Parts For A Wafer Stepper

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If you're looking to produce integrated circuits, a wafer stepper is an innovative machine you'll need to integrate small circuits on the surface of chips. If you ever plan on buying refurbished parts for one of these machines, use these tactics.

See What Condition the Parts Were in Prior to Refurbishing

You want to know what type of condition wafer stepper parts were in before they were refurbished by a company because it gives you insights on part quality and performance that are possible going forward.

For instance, if parts like a wafer loader or wafer alignment system were in relatively good shape before being restored, you can reasonably expect them to work out just fine after being set up on your wafer stepper. You'll have more security in this investment and that's important to have when buying any type of refurbished component.

Find Out as Much as You Can About Who Performed the Restoration

The party that performs restorations on used wafer stepper parts is something to look into carefully. Each company may have different restoration protocols and resources, which you need to find out so that you can verify you're buying high-quality refurbished parts that help your wafer stepper work optimally going forward.

Is the company licensed to refurbish used wafer stepper parts and if so, how many years have they been doing this? You also should get a thorough breakdown of their refurbishing processes so that you can better assess the results that can be achieved. Then you'll know exactly who to buy refurbished wafer stepper components from.

See if You Can Get a Warranty

If you want some added protection by buying refurbished wafer stepper parts — whether it's a reticle loader or reduction lens — then you should look for parts that come with warranties. That gives you a window of protection just in case there are structural or performance problems that show up with these components at a later point.

You can use the warranty to cover all of the repair/restoration costs that incur. Some refurbished wafer stepper part suppliers give warranties out readily. You just need to know who they are and then refine your part search accordingly.

If you're looking to save money on wafer stepper parts, you can always buy the refurbished variety. You'll get the most out of these parts if you perform your due diligence researching integral details before ultimately concluding these transactions. 

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28 April 2022