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What To Expect From A Hydraulic Pump Rebuild And Why It Might Be Your Best Option

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Do you have a hydraulic pump that has one or more components that have seen better days? If your fear the pump is about to break down but you aren't looking forward to purchasing brand new components or conducting an entire replacement, one additional option you may want to consider is a hydraulic pump rebuild. This process is a bit different than a repair or just installing a new pump. Here's what to expect from a rebuild and why it might be the best choice for your business.

A Full Assessment Will Be Conducted Before Anything Is Rebuilt or Replaced

So what exactly is a hydraulic pump rebuild? This process involves inspecting every component throughout your pump and then figuring out what needs to be replaced, what needs to be refurbished or refinished, and if there are any parts that are still good and can be re-used. By re-using or simply refinishing some parts, you can dramatically reduce the cost of getting your pump back to like-new condition.

When the rebuild experts arrive, you can expect them to take the pump apart, component by component, and closely inspect everything, down to the last valve. You may want to move your pump away from other heavy equipment or machinery before the rebuild team arrives so they can disassemble without getting in the way of your other work.

A Rebuild Can Lower Your Downtime Compared to Replacement, but You Should Still Plan Ahead

A rebuild can get a malfunctioning pump back up and running with less downtime when compared with ordering brand new components that might be on backorder or take weeks to arrive. But there will still be downtime with even the most efficient rebuild process. Do what you need to do to alter your production or move some of your work around to make use of other equipment while the assessment and then the rebuild is going on. In other words, you may have heard that a pump rebuild is faster, but that does not mean it's instant.

The Post-Rebuild Testing Process Confirms the Success of the Rebuild

After the pump is reassembled with refinished or some number of new parts, you will want to make sure that all refinished components are tested to ensure they are behaving just like a brand new component would. You should again keep the pump in an area where it won't do damage to anything surrounding it if something goes wrong and one of these components fails. The post-rebuild testing process is usually just a formality, but better safe than sorry. With a little luck, your rebuild will be declared a success and you can get your pump back to full production.  


20 May 2021