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Tips to Help Increase the Lifespan of Your Forklift Battery

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One of the main things that determine how convenient a forklift is is its battery. Generally, a forklift whose battery requires charging several times during the day is way more inconvenient than one whose battery can hold a charge for longer. This is because a good battery minimizes workflow disruptions, thus saving time.

The good news is that it is possible to keep your battery functioning at peak performance by adhering to forklift-battery best practices. Here are some of the things that you should do if you want to keep your battery in good shape.

Charging the forklift battery

If you want to extend to the lifespan of your battery, minimize the number of times that you recharge it. A good way to do this is by ensuring that the battery is charged only when the battery level is low and not when charging is convenient. Also, making sure that the charge cycle isn't interrupted will go a long way toward preserving its ability to hold a charge. And once the battery is fully charged, make sure that you immediately unplug it, as overcharging can also damage the battery.

Eliminating stratification

The right acid-to-water concentration is needed for a forklift battery to hold a charge. Unfortunately, this balance usually fades away with time as the acid starts to become more concentrated at the bottom and less concentrated at the top. This becomes a problem, as it leads to the forklift battery requiring more charging cycles, something that then accelerates the rate at which the battery wears out.

Most forklift battery chargers have equalizing settings which when used help to rebalance the concentration of the electrolyte. Doing so usually restores the acid-water ratio throughout the battery, allowing the battery to hold charge as well as it should. This not only allows for convenient forklift operation but also reduces the frequency of charging—something that goes a long way toward prolonging the battery's lifespan.

Topping up fluid levels

With time, the amount of water in the battery will reduce. This messes with the acid-water balance, something that will then affect the performance of the battery. To ensure that the battery works at optimum efficiency, regularly topping up the fluid levels is a must.

The key is to always ensure that the fluid in the cells covers the plastic element of the batteries. If it doesn't, you should add impurity-free water to cells. And when doing so, make sure that you leave enough space to allow for the expansion that usually takes place when the battery is in use.


10 January 2017