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Woodworking is not just for the boys anymore. I am all girl, but I love to play with hammers and saws. This blog is all about women in woodworking and how we can encourage young girls who are interested in building amazing products with their hands and some power tools, too! Browse through amazing project ideas like make-up tables and jewelry boxes, ideas specifically with girls in mind. Women of all ages will also learn how to make traditional furniture, puzzle boxes, and lamps as well as all kinds of decorative items. Girls and women can be incredible at woodworking. Stick with me to find out how.

Own Your Own Business? 2 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Business's Aesthetic Appeal

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If you own your own business, it is important that you have good aesthetic appeal to give your customers a good impression of your company. If the outside of your business does not have good aesthetic appeal, you can make many changes, two of which are listed below.


Awnings can provide you and your customers protection from rain, snow, and wind. You can attach an awning above your windows as well as any doorways that are frequently used. There are many different types of covers you can choose for your awnings. Acrylic fabric is one option you have. The fabric is stretched over the awnings and then secured. Acrylic fabric is durable and repels water. It is not completely waterproof, however. This fabric works great if your business is in a humid area, as it resists mildew.  

There are also awnings that have a vinyl and polyester composite fabric. They are completely water proof and durable. In most cases, they are resistant to fires. The material is flexible and stays tight on the frame. Metal awnings are very durable but they are much more heavy and may cost you more than the other options. They do require a lot of maintenance to prevent them from rusting. They look great installed on a building but you should consider these cons.

Glass awnings are another choice you have. They offer the same benefits as the other awnings, but they do not obstruct the light from the sun's rays. For more options, talk to a professional like The Dize Company.


An unkempt landscape can make your business look bad. This shows your customers that you do not take good care of your landscaping, which may make them think you do not take good care of your business.

Hire a landscaping contractor to come to your business. They can show you many ways you can increase the curb appeal. They will trim any hedges or bushes to make them uniform, plant flowers in strategic areas, and can even help with any grading problems. For example, if rain often flows towards your building the landscaper can even out the grade so it does not. This decreases the chances of your business flooding.

Besides these two things, make sure the exterior of your building is always clean and in good shape, as well as always keep your parking lot completely free of any kind of litter.


13 September 2016