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Using Your Resume To Give Injection Molding Recruiters What They Want

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Plastics play an important role in modern life. From contact lenses to toy animals, plastics are used to create a number of the products that people use and play with on a daily basis. Working with injectable plastics can be lucrative, but only if you are able to secure a position with a reputable manufacturing company.

Here are two areas that you can focus on improving to ensure your resume stands out when recruiters looking to hire injection molders are evaluating potential candidates.

1. Official Certifications

If you want to stand out among your competitors when applying for a job as an injection molder, it can be beneficial to list official certifications on your resume.

The completion of an official certification program (like the Plastics Technology & Engineering certification offered through many educational institutions) ensures potential employers that you have a level of competence in important areas like polymer flow and viscosity, drying and handling of plastic materials, and proper use of an injection machine.

Listing official certifications on your resume lets potential employers know that you are dedicated to your craft, which will help you secure a position in the future. If you don't already have official certifications, locate a program offering injection molding certifications in your area.

2. Tool Development

Working as an injection molder provides you with the opportunity to see which tools are best suited to complete a given task. When the tools available to you are not equipped to streamline the plastic production process, you may be able to develop your own tool to meet your injection needs.

If you have experience with tool development, listing this important skill on your resume can make you a viable candidate for any injection molding job. Recruiters are looking for candidates that have the ability to use creative thinking to come up with innovative solutions to problems they face during manufacturing runs. If you are familiar with tool development, list this skill on your resume.

If you haven't had the opportunity to participate in skill development exercises, find a more experienced injection molder that is willing to help you learn more about customizing tools to fit your specific needs.

When you understand what recruiters are looking for as they evaluate injection molding candidates, you will be able to provide the type of information on your resume that sets you apart from other applicants when trying to secure employment. Take the time to get certified and hone your tool development skills, and you will be on your way to working an injection molder.


10 August 2016