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Woodworking is not just for the boys anymore. I am all girl, but I love to play with hammers and saws. This blog is all about women in woodworking and how we can encourage young girls who are interested in building amazing products with their hands and some power tools, too! Browse through amazing project ideas like make-up tables and jewelry boxes, ideas specifically with girls in mind. Women of all ages will also learn how to make traditional furniture, puzzle boxes, and lamps as well as all kinds of decorative items. Girls and women can be incredible at woodworking. Stick with me to find out how.

New Gate System And Not Sure How You Want It To Open? Tips To Help You Decide

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A new gate not only offers your home aesthetics but can also keep you and your family secure. One thing you need to consider before you choose a gate is how it opens. Before you make a decision, you should learn about the type of gate you are installing. For example, you may have chosen an automatic slide gate, a single swing gate, or a double swing gate. You will also need to know the weight and length of the gate so you can choose the right type of gate opener. The opener you choose will show on the packaging the maximum weight and size of gate it can operate. Below are some tips that you should find helpful when choosing a gate.

Powering the Gate

You can choose a gate that you open manually, but this can be very inconvenient for you and your family. To make things easier, as well as more secure, choose gates that operate on electrical current. If you choose this, you will need to hire either an electrician or fencing contractor to connect the gate to the power source. In most cases, this power source will come from your home.

Opening the Gate

You need to decide on how you want the gate to open.  If you often have guests, you should consider installing a numeric keypad or touchpad, which requires the driver to enter a numeric code in order to open the gate. If you choose this, you should change this number periodically. Because the gate runs by electricity, there can be problems that prevent the gate from opening, such as when there is no power or a mechanical malfunction. For this reason, you should be able to open the gate manually, such as with a key.

There are also gates that use solar power to open. Before you choose this, the area the gate is in has to receive enough sun to keep the solar panels powered. The gate can also not be blocked by shade, such as from nearby trees.

Because you will likely have visitors that will not know the numeric code, install an intercom system to the gate opener so people can contact you when trying to enter the gate.

Talk with your fencing contractor about the different options you have. They can go over them in more detail so you can make the best informed decision on what is right for you. For more information, contact a business, such as Incom Inc.   


23 May 2016