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3 Reasons To Choose Modular Railings

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If you are looking to install steel railings in your place of business to be OSHA-compliant and to protect your employees, you might be thinking about having custom railings welded into your building. Even though this might seem like the best option, there is another option to consider -- opting for modular railing, which is not welded when it's installed. These are a few reasons why this might be the best choice for your industrial business.

1. It Can Be More Affordable to Install

Obviously, having railing custom-made and custom-welded into your place of business can be costly. If you purchase modular railings, however, you can take measurements and purchase pre-made pieces that can then be installed more quickly and easily. This can help you reduce the cost of actually purchasing the railing and can also reduce labor costs to have your railings installed.

2. Replace Individual Sections As-Needed

Even though steel railings might be durable, they can still wear out over time. If your railings are welded in place, maintenance and repairs can be tricky. If you use modular railings, however, you can simply remove and replace the individual sections that are in need of repair. This makes repairs fast and easy. It can also save you money on repairs when the need arises.

3. Change With Your Company's Needs

Once railings are welded into place, they can't be easily removed. This might not seem like a big deal right now, but if you make changes to your industrial business in the future -- such as if you rearrange things or expand -- it can complicate matters a lot. With modular railings, however, you can easily move them to a new location when you need to with minimal issues while removing and re-installing. This means that your railings can change with your company's needs and can make it easier for your company to grow, which is not always easy when you have custom welded railings installed in your business.

As you can see, modular railings from a company like Ballard Sheet Metal Works Inc can be a superior option for many industrial settings when compared to having custom welded railings put in. Luckily, these railings are sold in all different sizes, so it shouldn't be too challenging to find an option that is the right fit for your company. Then, you'll be able to keep employees safe and remain compliant with OSHA's requirements while enjoying these three extra benefits.


25 April 2016