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Woodworking is not just for the boys anymore. I am all girl, but I love to play with hammers and saws. This blog is all about women in woodworking and how we can encourage young girls who are interested in building amazing products with their hands and some power tools, too! Browse through amazing project ideas like make-up tables and jewelry boxes, ideas specifically with girls in mind. Women of all ages will also learn how to make traditional furniture, puzzle boxes, and lamps as well as all kinds of decorative items. Girls and women can be incredible at woodworking. Stick with me to find out how.

3 Ways To Care For Your Concrete

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If you have any sort of concrete fixture on your property, it pays to do all that you can to learn the best ways to care for it. So whether you have a concrete driveway, patio, pool deck or other fixture installed on your property, you'll get more longevity and efficiency out of it when you follow some critical maintenance. Follow the tips illustrated below so that your concrete continuously serves you. 

Avoid Using Any Kinds Of Deicers Or Other Chemicals On Your Concrete

Winter is here in full force, so you might be tempted to use some chemicals on your concrete in order to get rid of the ice. Cherish that thought. Deicers and other forms of chemicals will badly damage your driveway or other concrete fixture, usually in the form of spalling or scaling. The reason for this is that these concoctions are high in ammonium nitrates and sulfates which will not only damage your concrete, but the organic vegetation around it. Instead, choose to use sand or some other material to get rid of ice on your concrete.

Install A Sealant On Your Concrete

One of the greatest things that you can do for your concrete is seal it. You can purchase a high-quality sealant from professionals who specialize in concrete work. This sealant is a clear membrane that will go on to your concrete and actively repel water and prevent dirt and grime from setting in. It will also provide excellent resistance to the sun's potentially harmful rays, which will wear down your concrete and cause it to lose its color over time.

Hire A Concrete Contractor For Maintenance

Aside from handling maintenance yourself, you will want to get in touch with a licensed and insured concrete professional who can help you out. These professionals will be able to give you an annual inspection or an ongoing service plan to be sure that you always getting all the service that you need for your concrete. This way you will be able to work proactively with your concrete maintenance, as opposed to leaving it to chance or waiting until something goes wrong to get service. Do your due diligence in this regard and hire some quality concrete professionals who can come to your home and inspect your concrete today.

Keep these tips handy and use them in order to always get the best service possible from your concrete. If you need help with your concrete, consult with a business such as Hi-Grade Materials Co


2 December 2015