Women in Woodworking

Woodworking is not just for the boys anymore. I am all girl, but I love to play with hammers and saws. This blog is all about women in woodworking and how we can encourage young girls who are interested in building amazing products with their hands and some power tools, too! Browse through amazing project ideas like make-up tables and jewelry boxes, ideas specifically with girls in mind. Women of all ages will also learn how to make traditional furniture, puzzle boxes, and lamps as well as all kinds of decorative items. Girls and women can be incredible at woodworking. Stick with me to find out how.

How To Make Your Invention A Reality

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If you have an idea in creating a piece of machinery that you believe may be beneficial to those who use it, you may want to consider pursuing your invention so it becomes a useful tool that can be used by many. When you have an idea for an invention there are a few steps you need to take before it can be manufactured and sold, giving you a hefty profit in return. Here are the steps you need to take when pursuing making your invention a reality.

Watch Who You Tell

Tell only people involved in the construction of your invention about details of its unveiling until you are able to get a patent that proves you were the originator of the plan for the piece of equipment. It is important you have documentation that shows when you had thought up the idea and what your plans are in having it constructed. Keep this information in a locked inventor's journal and write down all information pertinent to the construction of the piece inside. Have a trusted witness sign the first page in the book showing the date you had decided to pursue construction so you can prove you were the person who came up with the idea while waiting for your patent.

Make A Prototype

You need a prototype before you file for a patent. This allows you the chance to make improvements to your invention. Contact a machine design shop such as Innovative Tooling Solutions who will work closely with you to create the piece of machinery you had envisioned. Give them detailed instructions in what you would like the machinery to be able to accomplish, as well as some drawings you had made in how you would like it to look. Have the machine design shop sign a confidentiality disclosure document before they work on putting your creation together. This will ensure no one tries to steal your idea before you are able to get it patented.

File The Paperwork

When you have a model of the equipment ready to be evaluated, fill out the proper patent forms through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Machinery is filed as a utility patent. You will need to fill out extensive paperwork pertaining to your idea and will need photo evidence as well as the physical prototype should the patent office wish to see a working piece of machinery before awarding you with a patent. Hiring a patent attorney will ensure there are no loopholes in your application or documentation that can be taken by someone else to create your piece of machinery themselves. 

When you obtain your patent, you can now start marketing your invention. Contact the machine design shop once again to tell them your creation was approved and see if they would be interested in making the machinery in bulk for you to start selling.


23 September 2015