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Why You Should Consider Using An Automatic Lubrication System

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Manually lubricating conveyors can be a time consuming process. Manual lubrication is dependent on the operator and is susceptible to human error. By switching to an automatic lubrication system for your conveyors, you will save time, reduce waste and increase the safety of your operation.

More Efficient

If you're a manufacturer, your ultimate goal is efficiency and automatic lubrication systems can help deliver that. Automatic lubrication systems can be built or added to an existing line. They increase efficiency by minimizing fluctuations in production that would be caused by manual lubrication.

Automatic lubrication systems apply constant, appropriately sized applications of lubricant to a conveyor system. This minimizes friction, which in turn uses less electricity. When a conveyor is running low on lubricant your entire line will slow down due to increased friction, and this increases the overall amount of energy your operation uses.

In addition, automatic conveyor lubrication systems feature nozzles pinpointed at where you need them most. Many of these systems are outfitted with nozzles that automatically bounce back into position if something happens to knock them out of place. These systems keep your operation running seamlessly, because maintenance is only required if there is an issue, not just to keep production going.

Reduced Waste

When your operation manually lubricates conveyor belts, you use more lubricant than if you use an automatic system. This increases the cost of lubrication for your operation. Manual lubrication also causes waste when it gets into the wrong places. It can cause products to fall off the conveyor more frequently and can also lead to damaged packaging. In conveyors where the bearings have to bear the weight of production, automatic lubrication protects them from damage. This extends the bearings' service life and reduces the costs of replacement parts.

Fully Programmable

One of the best features of an automatic lubrication system is that they don't require complete human supervision, which can reduce your labor costs. Automatic lubrication systems accomplish this by featuring controls that are similar to a television remote. All an operator has to do is key in how they want the conveyor system to be lubricated. These controls can be customized to change how lubricant is dispensed throughout the day to accommodate different loads, or products.

Increased Safety

When manually lubricating a conveyor system, a slightly different amount of lubricant may be applied each time. For every instance too much lubricant is applied to the conveyor, the residue of that lubricant can get on the floor and quickly become a slipping hazard. By using an automatic lubrication system, you have complete control over how close the lubricant nozzles are to the conveyor. This minimizes the amount of residual lubricant spray and keeps your workers safer.


26 August 2015