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Customizing Data Center And Workstation Racks And Rails

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Standardization is taken for granted sometimes, and as new technology companies buck against tradition and conventional design, you may become an unintended victim. Devices that are too small or too different in shape to fit into traditional 19-inch computer racks can ruin an already limited amount of storage area. If you need a customized solution, consider a few ways that a steel fabricator could enhance your data center with customized builds.

Rack And Rail Customization

The purpose of server racks is to mount a computer into a safe, secure area that can be worked on easily. The devices can remain cooler due to air passing above and below the device and multiple devices can be mountain per rack without touching one of other.

When it comes to standardization, size and connection area are changing. Server rack-mountable devices should either have side mounting that can be directly attached to a rail or can accommodate adapters. When a new company makes non-traditional case designs for the sides and other areas that must connect to a rack, the result is a device that won't fit without risking serious damage.

A steel fabricator can help by evaluating the device in question and fabricating a mount or loading case that can be attached to the server. The easiest path would be to build a cage around the device that can hold it in place and be attached to the rack, but many other configurations are possible.

Being able to reach different parts of the device is important as well. A fabricator team can develop a set of sliding rails for that specific devices so that you can pull it out either on the rails or with a tray for easier maintenance or replacement.

For every new device that doesn't fit the rack's standard, you can have a new mount built. If you'd like the fabrication team to build a rack that fits a product that doesn't have a rack, they can do that as well.

Security Container Fabrication

Continuing with the cage idea, a steel fabrication team can build a cage that protects specific ports and access areas from tampering.

Hackers aren't only a threat from the outside. To prevent rogue employees or contractors from tampering with devices easily, you can physically block off certain port areas with a panel secured by a lock and key.

If you have specific computers that must not be touched by standard personnel or the public, steel fabricators can design an office cage that encloses the devices with a door that only authorized personnel can enter. Contact a steel fabricator team, like Simko Industrial Fabricators, to begin designing your customized steel frames, rails and cages.


3 April 2015